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Mesa Metals Industries, LLC. is a Manufacturer, Fabricator and Distributor of many types of Aluminum, Metal and Galvanized Steel products.  We strive to exceed the industries standard level of quality and service.

We are committed to providing Quality and Integrity to every customer, while meeting the demands of todays metal industry.

Aluminum Sheets

Our Aluminum sheets come in many sizes & thicknesses. Various aluminum coil alloys, widths, and gauges are available.  Call today with your particular manufacturing needs!

Our most commonly used items are:

  1. .024 Crystal White 49” x 96”

  2. .030 Crystal White 49” x 96” & 120”

  3. .040 Crystal White 49” x 96” & 120”

  4. .025 Treadflex ( Diamond Plate)48” x 96” & 120”

(Custom cut sheets to any length, to meet your needs!)

Metal/Aluminum Siding

Our Steel & Aluminum sidings are used in a number of different industries, including but not limited to; residential construction, modular building, factory built housing, recreational vehicles, commercial construction and cargo trailer manufacturing.  We also carry a full range of trim and flashing products available on a per order basis.  For more information Contact us today!  (480) 347-9283

Offering many types of custom bends & sheet metal fabricating

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